Babies Like Fresh Air Too!

I came across this story recently on Twitter.

My first thought (other than hey, it’s Augustus Gloop!) was how much my daughter likes looking out of her bedroom window at the animals in the back yard. This would honestly be a neat way for her to see the animals AND get fresh air! It’s a win-win! Seriously though, I cannot believe that people actually used these things.

According to the article, the cages originated in London and were intended for children who did not have backyards to play or other access to fresh air. Hmm, fresh air is a good thing right? But is this the best thing somebody could think of to resolve this matter?

My second thought was that while my wife and I were making our baby registry, we had a long discussion about a modern day equivalent to this depression era playpen. Other than dangling out a window, is there a real difference between the 1930s baby cages and these?

Okay, so it’s not dangling out a window from several stories above the ground. I get that. But it is still a cage that you are confining your child within. The picture itself amuses me. How are two children supposed to have fun in that tight of a space with a toy truck? Everyone knows you cannot properly play with a truck in a space like this. I love how the page calls it a “superyard.” Really? What if the kids get restless? If you are a wrestling fan like I am, two toddlers could easily have their own steel cage match within this structure. It’s 26” high, which is only a litter shorter than my daughter. It would basically enclose her entire body. For a mere $79 you can have a WWE pay-per-view right in your living room!

If you scroll through the pictures, you come across one that shows a dog walking out of the cage. So this can be used for pets too? I’m sorry but anything that is designed for a child should not be used for a pet and vice versa. I would not want a dog playing with my child’s toys, just like I would not want my daughter chewing on a dog bone while she’s teething. I know pet owners love their animals like family, but dogs and human children are two different things, people!

Seriously though, exploring their environment encourages intellectual development in babies. Restricting a child’s environment puts physical and intellectual development at risk. This is common sense and any child development course would agree. When kids are getting into everything, believe it or not they are actually helping both their cognitive and physical development.

There are times when I’ve put my daughter in her Exersaucer while I changed a load of laundry or something but I would never cage her. The same way I would never attach a leash to her neither.

Bottom line – play with your kids, love them, make them feel loved. I don’t think love is an emotion that can be believed or understood when locked in a caged environment.

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